2023 has been a challenging year for businesses, but each month we’ve focused on a particular topic to help you through. Lets look back at five of the key takeaways from the articles on the Rise Advisory blog.

1. Adopt the Stop / Keep / Start Model: Utilise the Stop / Keep / Start Model to set clear business objectives and streamline strategies. Involve customers and partners for feedback and apply SMART goals for effective action plans. Read the article.

2. Boost Gross Profit: Implement strategies such as increasing revenue, reducing costs, enhancing inventory management, and regularly monitoring financial metrics to improve gross profit. Read the article.

3. Systemise for Business Value: Focus on systemising business operations to enhance efficiency and overall value, covering aspects of strategic planning, marketing, and product development. Read the article.

4. Effective Financial Planning: Emphasise the importance of comprehensive budgeting and forecasting for the upcoming financial year, considering new products, market expansion, and employee strategies. Read the article.

5. Recruitment and Receivables Management: Highlight recruitment strategies for attracting top talent and mastering the receivable process to maintain financial health and build strong business relationships. Read about recruitment strategies and about the receivable process

Let’s continue to adapt and thrive in the business landscape as we move forward into the new year. Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year to you all!


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