Many companies attend large scale events such as Field-days and come home with a bag full of flyers and business cards to create a prospect database. The question now is how to find the quality leads within this database.

You could sit and call every contact you have gathered, send a full scale email campaign out to every contact then make followup phone calls. Or you could send an old fashioned physical mail campaign also followed by truckloads of phone calls. This type of approach often costs your business in time and wages as the majority of those contacts will be dead leads.

Here are some thought provoking statistics on lead nurturing you can’t ignore from hubspotblogs

A business that has a clear picture of what they can offer and who their ideal customer would be which can be overlayed on the database they have created, will be able to quickly sort through to locate the 10% who are a good fit for a higher possibility of a quality lead.
So if you want to save time and wages on database farming make the effort to

  1. Identify your uniqueness
  2. Establish what you are an expert in
  3. Show how you demonstrate your difference from your competitors
  4. Have compelling stories of your current customers and how your business provided the solution
  5. Document your process to engage prospects to ensure your follow up is effective

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