How do you become a marketing expert for attracting new team members in alignment with your company culture/benefits without making it win/loss situation?

So, how does one make this happen, what’s involved in having candidates queuing up for an opportunity interview both ways, in alignment to positively impact the company vision. Is this something business owners even consider and is there a mission in play (marching together for a common purpose)? Well in today’s world its more important to communicate what’s important than ever before.

How well is the company culture demonstrated, or is this something a new candidate will experience only after they are employed/contracted?

Somehow, the truth about company culture can be presented in several ways to allow candidates a view of what’s to come.

Perhaps one way to show potential team about leadership/ownership, by having current team members speak what’s REAL to the market place about what’s really going on/ in the company, regarding its plans/actions. Are they engaging and encouraging their people through areas of stability/growth through effective leadership.

These are just some of what can be part of the company’s overall marketing/advertising strategies to attract new potential initiative driven candidates.


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