Business operations from A to Z can be an enormous task; besides, business operations can vary widely depending on the industry, size of the organisation, and specific processes involved.

However, this will give you a general idea of some common business operations that are often included in flowcharts.

What’s included in a flowchart?

1. Strategic Planning

2. Marketing and Sales

3. Product Development

4. Supply Chain Management

5. Purchasing and Procurement

6. Manufacturing or Service Delivery

7. Quality Control

8. Human Resources Management

9. Financial Management and Accounting

10. Information Technology Management

11. Customer Service and Support

12. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

13. Risk Management and Insurance

14. Business Social Responsibility

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list and different businesses may have different operations. A flowchart of business operations typically starts with an overall process and then breaks it down into its various sub-processes and tasks. It may also include decision points, feedback loops, and quality control measures. The purpose of the flowchart is to help visualise and understand the flow of work within the organisation and identify areas for improvement.

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