Just on 20 years working alongside business owners/leaders and without a doubt, that the beginning of every year they are wanting to stop doing, keep doing and start doing things that adds value to their lives (personally & business wise), how to best use their time to invest in their teams and financial outcomes by being very clear about their business objectives.

Setting Clear Objectives by:

Brainstorming ideas for what to Stop, Keep and Start doing: list out as many ideas as your team can brainstorm for each section (Use Post it notes for best effect – possible colours for a traffic light system, stop – red, keep – orange and green – go). To be rather mindful about just start (since it takes time to implement, measure, correct and then implement for better results).

Build an action plan for stop, keep and start: we recommend using SMART goals, it stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals.

Other thoughts are in using this process are:

Any Specified Objective

For any goal, objective, decision where you want real-time feedback to better understand what’s getting in your way, what’s needed, and what’s working.

Product Strategy

Get feedback on your products – what’s working, not working?

Process Strategy

This is an excellent tool for analyzing feedback on internal and external processes.

Customer Analysis

Get your customers involved and leverage a stop/keep and start analysis tied to customer service, onboarding, communications.

Partner Analysis

Get your partners feedback on key products, processes, go-to-market strategies.

Finance Strategy

Use the Stop/Keep and Start process when looking at profit margins, overall operating costs, or internal incentive strategies.

For making the best out of 2023, feel free to touch base and have an independent coach/advisor objectively sit alongside you and your management team to plan ahead….

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