We all have a view of what our business is worth but is that view based on what someone would actually pay or what we believe we deserve to be paid for all of our hard work – business worth is more than just the $$$’s.

There are many ways to value a business and many ways to present business value so how could you portray the true value of your business – well beyond the basic financial value?

Is it:

  • The value of ownership held by key team players where everyone works as a team?
  • The value of a unique point of difference giving the business a strong competitive edge?
  • The value of efficient and documented systems, processes and policies so everyone knows what is happening and why?
  • The value of significant contracts and strong customer retention strategies?
  • The value of understanding what product/services present the best return ensuring resources are effectively allocated for ROI?
  • The value of replication or potential to develop multiple locations maintaining the same quality standards?
  • The value of knowing the numbers to achieve a great sustainable net profit?

Let us make this easy for you …
These are just some areas to consider when calculating your business worth – if you want to build a business that is worth the $$$’s, you need to build a business that also has value … so be strategic and lets chat

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