Three Heads Are Better Than One


Business Partnerships with clearly defined department roles, aligned common goals and culture for customer service matters. Early days for these owners, having alliances and healthy appetite for innovation and delivering operational excellence provides confidence for clients continuing to have next level projects priced and implemented. Systems, people, and results drive Protection forward with clear objectives in client’s results.

Initial Engagement

• First met at a meeting offered by BNZ bank to discuss our business requirements.
• We had come from a technical background and knew the industry well, but felt we needed help with many areas of the company as we weren’t formally trained in business.
• We also lacked experience in how to run a successful business.

Your experience & key business initiatives implemented

Over the past 7 years we’ve achieved many initiatives within the company including:
• Business plan
• Business direction
• Sales & marketing processes
Recruitment processes, applicant interview strategies.
• Finance processes and how to monitor and measure business success.
Gross profit margin calculation and protection.
• Forecasting and projections.
• Shareholder entry and exit strategies.
• Establishing and setting KPIs.
• Set up processes for the internal monitoring, assessment, and modification of these KPIs.
• Establishing our business charter.


• Clearer overview of all aspects of our business.
• Increased production and business success.
• Building great teams.
• Business confidence and reassurance about running a successful business with the potential to grow.
• Better designed processes.