From leading in a crisis to business development, considering all that happens daily, weekly, monthly and yearly in your business, business owners always need to be clear on the direction they are going in (a planned road trip is important to the people on the bus, no matter what the circumstances), especially as the leader behind the wheel.

Taking ownership, by consistently managing/minimizing the fuel leakage in the way profits by knowing exactly what your dash board/gauges are feeding back to you eg. wastage/productivity etc.

This can be improved by having standard operating procedures with accurate data that allows for informed decision making, given confidence and adding real business value. However, this is short lived if you are not relentless in choosing your crew, those on board to support the direction the owner driver has chosen. Time and distance means that you have the best people to go the distance knowing that they have both abilities/capabilities make it happen.

As a business driver, having your hands on the steering wheel,

  • Do you have a clear road map that your crew engages in?
  • Do you have the skills needed to go the distance or will you need some upskilling and make the journey more pleasant for those onboard?
  • Do you understand what your business gauges are telling you?
  • What about your crew, are they confident and trust goes both ways to make effective decisions that best suits the business road map?

Just some questions of importance to a better journey, planning for progress is a way forward and I am here to help review/structure a plan together as we move into the new financial year..

Let us partner with you… 

Now is the time to stop and take a look in the rear view mirror, identify where you have been and take those learnings forward into 2021 with a strong road map full of signposts and exciting destinations.

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