Technology is getting smarter and smaller so our business systems need to constantly improve to ensure we remain efficient and effective. With this innovative technology at our fingertips smart businesses are moving to mobile app based solutions to take their business into a paperless 2016 – are you ready?

3 points to consider in your current paper based processes:

Administration Efficiency – the amount of paperwork involved with manual processes and duplication between different departments can cause significant time wastage with report building, printing and distribution taking an average 90 minutes to do (not to mention the resources cost) … with a mobile app this process can be done in 30 minutes – do the math when you have 30 staff!

Visibility & Compliance – new laws around health & safety in the workplace plus accountability of chargeable / non-chargeable hours mean it is important for business owners to know where their staff are including real time start / finish times. With paper based processes this is time consuming plus open to fraudulent entries … with the introduction of a mobile app solution you can receive real time information leading to more effective team management and timely reporting.

Effective Data Entry
– people do the best they can but we are all human and thus susceptible to error. With a mobile app data can be recorded electronically and reports formatted in real time freeing up valuable time for your people to get on with what they are great at – selling!!

Take the Red Dot test:

See how many times someone touches a piece of paper that crosses your desk – everytime a person touches it, looks at it or does something with it put a red dot on it. At the end of the week how colourful has it become … if this was handled by a mobile app how much more efficient would your business be?
For a strategy review that will outline the time wastage and profit opportunity in your business with less paper contact Jerome today 0800 747 323 and he will show you ways that make sense but will save you dollars!

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