This is an industry that has been frowned upon and been heavily discounted in the housing marketing and that why the cover systems make it a leader in the field (especially knowing the weather condition for NZ), offer an product/service the Truly saves their clients loss in productivity. The reason for Rise’s involvement was to review the Profit Margin by quality back costing processes and aiming for quality clients. This allowed Profitability giving the owners the best first quarter in 2011 in years with a healthy profit. Quotes are at an all time high and new sales/ production manager is being implemented and WIP on a online quoting system to assist in taking the company nationwide.

Re-investment in Equipment and vehicle have also been factored into the budgets moving forward. Strategic relationships with other scaffolding companies has been part of the growth structure NSS, since working closely with competitors are usually frond upon. Regular Management meetings with strong focus on outcomes and a to do list that turns into a RESULTS list. Insurance companies are using the services more and more because of the cover systems, niche pays off once more NSS.

Rise Advisory presents an interview with North Shore Scaffolding Limited’s General Manager, Clifton Webb.

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