Lots of tradies were flat out with contracts on the books into the end part of last year.

“I’ve got more work than I can handle” is one of the worst comments a tradie can make. It lulls them into a false sense of security thinking that they have got work for months ahead.

But is it the right kind of work?
Are your jobs close by or do you waste time on the road going across town?
What happens if a contract is cancelled or put on hold?

These are just a few of questions you need to ask yourself but what about…

– Innovation – what new products or services can you introduce?
– Marketing – does your brand still speak and attract the right clients or staff?
– Sales – do you maximise your margin? Do you convert proposals into right jobs and projects?
– Operation – are you systemised to measure the productivity and incentivise your team?
– HR/H&S – are you clear about the growth path with staff retention and is the team safe?
– Finance – How are you reducing debt, managing profits and re-investing to your business?
– Admin – how efficient are you across the various business functions?
Leadership – is this being developed throughout your business?

We are already 1/6 of the way through the calendar year. Is your business on track or does it even have a track? What are your business and your own personal goals for the year?


You need to ask if the business performance so far, and the realistic forecast from the current order book will allow you to meet your financial and personal goals.

We can make it easier … It’s not too late to get on track but if you would like some help with that, we have a checklist to help evaluate each step of the way to take your trade business to the next level of growth and profit.

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