Business owners and leaders getting sucked back in. Why this happens and how to avoid it.

I am thinking about how often this happens to business owners getting sucked back into other key team members responsibilities/task. Makes me wonder how well the role has been positioned or even how clear the recruitment/selection FIT has been work through (Skill/Management/Leadership + Attitude). Don’t get me wrong, since there are times when ownership is needed. Especially in smaller organisations when the owner has to wear many HATs because of the complex nature of their business.

So, what areas are most likely to be the case for this to happen?

Growth, this is the most common challenge I find with businesses, the level of change required to maintain standard operating procedures goes out the door, due to people (disciplined) and process that are not able to adjust/update for the new way forward, then lastly to measure the effectiveness &improvement for greater results.

Abdication versus delegation, the old truth about making sure your people are well trained and double-checking to see responsibilities/tasks are habits for great out outcomes (measured, not for the sake of disciplining people, however for rewarding is much better long term outcome for all involved).

Business owners being in denial, about having the wrong people on the bus, hiring/selecting people that are not engaged with the business growth strategy. What would it look like seeing others in the team succeed and then them wanting to help because they believe in the cause. Having these team members have the ability to stretch and know that it’s uncomfortable for a season and can see the long term benefits for all involved. Culture has much to do with any business, starting from the head down of any business going places.

Here at Rise Advisory, we use a proven framework to help clarify these fundamentals to allow you as business owners not to get sucked back in…..

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