Like most business owners you need a team that is efficient and effective but it is not always an easy thing to achieve … here are 6 quick tips that will make this easier:

1. Choose the right leader. Pick a person who you feel will work well with the employee set that you envision for the team. You probably want someone who’s a visionary, but not someone who is egotistical, someone that can delegate without turning into a tyrant.

2. Determine the right size for the team. Studies have implied that larger teams can be more effective. They may have the slight advantage of drawing on multiple skill sets, but a large group of people with diverse styles can also have trouble reaching a consensus.

3. Pick your team members. Members bring diverse skills and personalities to the team, each needs to complement the project and help the larger group reach its goal. All team members need to be competent, efficient and of course able to work together as a team.

4. Set roles. Clearly define each position, and what he or she needs to do within the team.

5. Determine how the team fits within your organization. Is it self-managed or overseen by managers outside of the team?

6. Build a collaborative environment. Good teamwork is built through trust. Employees want to feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their opinions – team members input should be highly valued. No one in the group can be so driven that they undermine co-workers just to reach their own personal goal.

Now you give the new team time to get to know one another as they develop their relationships and work group style that works best for them. Sounds easy right …

Let us make it even easier
DISC profiling has been used by business leaders throughout the world to enhance their work teams and business. It is now available to you during March for only $49+gst (regular will be $97+gst).
When you structure a team using your knowledge of the members DISC Profile styles, you’re sure to get a mixture of personality styles that can get the job done.
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