You have done your planning, identified different ways of doing things to potentially get better results. This is when you realise what your biggest challenge is – it is not coming up with the idea. It is not finding the money to do it. It is not even what your competitors are doing. Your biggest challenge is getting your staff to change their behaviour and attitudes.

There are people who love change, live to find better ways of doing things and enjoy thinking outside the box – these people are usually business owners who accept the risk change can bring. There are also people who love consistency, live for stability in their pay cheque and need to know the things they do will result predictable outcome – these people are usually employees.

As a business owner you need to understand this different perspective and engage tools that will help you bridge this difference and break down the challenge to achieve your plan. Or you can continue doing what you are doing and watch your competitors gain more market share!

Having worked with businesses in all industries, Jerome has seen approaches to this challenge that have worked and many that have not. He has developed a tool kit for the business owner that will quickly identify potential challenges and their solution.

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