Remember the days when you first went into business. You read heaps of books on how to run a business. You talked with others about the challenges of managing staff. You tried different products / services/ pricing to build a customer base. Those were the days of learning. Now you are in business, you survived the first 3 years when most businesses fail and things are ok, you have people working for you and money in the bank.

Sadly this is when the comfort zone develops. People no longer see the need to keep learning – they are too busy working in their business keeping the daily wheels turning. They no longer seek out others to talk about their challenges, they are too busy putting out the daily fires. They no longer experiment with products or services because people are buying so why change it. If you are in this zone now is the time to step out and back into the learning zone.

Let us make it easy for you … we will never have the golden answer for ultimate business success where you can setup a business that can work without you, but we can certainly get close but only through continual learning – not just about business but about ourselves.

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