We all know that hot air balloons are meant fly in the sky, that’s where they look and act the best because that is their purpose. However before the balloon is able to fly there is a cable that holds it down to the ground, this could be called an anchor as it prevents the balloon from rising up into the sky where it wants to be.

In business there are also anchors that are holding many businesses down. These anchors are usually found in the following 6 areas … when released your business can fly

  1. Your People – are they engaged and ready to drive strategy
  2. Your Systems – are they antiquated and not scalable
  3. Your Marketing – does it attract your target audience
  4. Your Sales – can you convert high gross margin work
  5. Your Production – is your workflow efficient
  6. Your Finances – are you able to grow the first 5 points

Do You Have Personal Anchors?

Here’s an article that shows some personal anchors that could be holding you down in your business from timemanagementninja.com

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