Would you consider buying a house or business without a Sale & Purchase Agreement that specified the property details and financial arrangements?

Would you consider taking on a shareholder without a Shareholder Agreement that specified their responsibilities and commitment required?

Would you consider a new employee without an Employment Agreement that specified the terms and pay rate?

Do you have agreements in-place that will help you, where both sides know what is expected of them? Ownership, accountability, responsibility, expectations …

This also relates to suppliers and customers – do you have accounts applications with solid terms of trade that will enable you to operate within the law and if needed stand up in court for your rights?

In any business you will have relationships … agreements will help you maintain strong and positive relationships and help you manage when these relationships go bad

Some Helpful Sites…

Create your own Employment Agreement with www.dol.govt.nz
Business forms and templates for many aspects of business at www.entrepreneur.com
If you need help customising or creating agreements contact the Rise Team today

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