A business needs people
A business needs people that get along
A business needs people that get along and like being around each other

When a business has people that don’t get along and don’t like being around each other – that business is not likely to be around for very long without significant change in personnel which is costly to the pocket, costly to the emotions not to mention the cost of time

Team building is often thought of as a ‘fun day out’ or an excuse to have a party. Team building is actually about getting to know each other in a non-work environment – personal strengths, attitudes, skills and personalities – because we behave differently in social situations to how we are at work and even at home

The value of team building is the creation of relationships and building of trust that will enhance the workplace environment leading to increased levels of co-operation, commitment and ultimately production

So what is the cost?

The cost of no team building is high staff turnover through lack of job satisfaction, low commitment to excellence through indifference to the company culture and high levels of stress for the owner who needs to constantly put out fires and petty arguments due to lack of trust amongst the workers

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