The owners of the Ritz Carlton are very, very selective in their recruitment process and only choose team that have core values that align with the companies core values. They have an induction process that makes the company core values of customer service the most important outcome supported by a daily ritual to lock in the value so that it becomes natural.

Have you ever wondered if your customer service stands out from your competitors?

  1. What does your customer perceive when they engage with your people – are they heard, has the team member taken ownership of the request, do we care?
  2. What is your company’s ability to respond verses react to customer service – what is it that your customers are truly saying about this?
  3. How compliant through the process is your customer service – does it deliver what’s promised?

So what is your definition?

At Rise Advisory our definition of customer service is to take action by going the extra mile with a positive attitude!

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