The new financial year is just days away and what an interesting year it’s been with businesses having to pivot, adapted and be resourceful given the circumstances.

Money money money

So, what’s the plan to exceed this past year’s financial goals?

Does your business strategy align with your budgets and cash flow requirements going forward?

What are some of the big rocks that will impact how you improve the bottom through effectives sales that provides confidences to the shareholders/Directors/Team and Business?

Taking the time to reflect and improve is never easy, however success has never been a walk in the park and working towards anything worth while takes courage and hard work with a massive support crew to help drive the ship. Well, back to your financial plans for the year ahead…

  • The cost increases from suppliers, contractors and business expenses?
  • Increased employment cost?
  • Delays and the cost of project drift?
  • Current products & services becoming redundant?
  • Investing in better equipment (capex), tech and improved customer service?
  • Purchasing or selling a part of the business that will allow for growth?
  • People engagement, training and workplace culture?
  • Factoring in loan repayment/dividend and reinvestment?

These are some of the fundamentals that needs review for the next year’s profit (which is not an expense), I am genuinely interested to see how you have operated in this area of your business planning and actions.

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