Collaboration versus Authoritarian management style

What has been your experiences for being more authoritarian than collaborative in leading your organisation? Was there a period of time where you needed to be more authoritarian and has your organisation grown to be more collaborative?

Prioritises deadlines over perfectionism or prefers to work on detailed and precise work?

How would you describe your ability to weigh up getting the detail right versus making a deadline? Have you ever considered the cost of making that decision based on what’s important versus urgent? What would you do differently, given what you know now?

Proactive and goal-oriented and/or supportive and encouraging

As a business leader, have you ever found yourself being more Goal focused (which in itself is a good thing) but that has led to being not as supportive in team situations? Is there perhaps a way to find a happy medium to provide an environment that supports while being goal driven?

Let team members get on with delegated tasks and/or monitor closely the work they have been delegated?

Be mindful that we don’t get confused with abdication – meaning to pass on a task with no follow-up versus delegation – being able to follow up professionally, this is where leadership truly lives – being able to delegate key initiatives to capable team with the ability to follow up with agreed outcomes together. Are you a leader that delegates or abdicates?

These are just a few key questions and thoughts when it comes to leadership & management styles and how business owners operate to build and engage their teams. Hopefully, you find these small insights useful when evaluating yourself.

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