A client has recently undertaken a property transaction and shared their experience …

When engaging with professionals you don’t expect to have to ‘check their work’. You are paying a premium for their expertise, efficiency and should have confidence they will verify information before distributing. Unfortunately in this case personal information was sent to the other party, financial amounts were incorrect and communication was received with the incorrect property address attached!!

As you can expect this did not present a fantastic impression of this ‘professional’ business and my client (or I) will certainly not be doing any further business with them!

So the question is – What level of care do you place on the customers impression of your business?

What are your controls, check points and filters to ensure what you provide to your customer is at the highest quality possible?

It is vital to have standards in place to keep customers informed with accurate and timely information ensuring they have a positive experience as you want them to be a repeat customer and tell others positive stories about your service and experience – especially in this world of social media and the power of social influence.

Let us make this easy for you … Leadership is the central element to a team that reflects the values of the business so contact Jerome for a chat on how you can measure and ensure your customers share stories of excellence about you and your business call today 0800 747 323.

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