Growing a group business with multiple ventures requires a strategic approach that considers each venture’s uniqueness while also leveraging synergies among them. With its vibrant and diverse business environment in New Zealand, it’s vital to strategise for a multinational business perspective. Here’s a comprehensive strategy and actionable steps to help you achieve growth:


Vision and Alignment:

New Zealand, with its Māori principle of “kaitiakitanga” or guardianship, places significant emphasis on values and sustainability. Develop a clear and inspiring vision that aligns with the group’s values, considering local cultural and societal nuances.

Ensure that each venture’s mission aligns with the overall group’s objectives and resonates with New Zealand’s unique socio-economic landscape.

Portfolio Analysis:

Given the ever-evolving Kiwi market landscape, it’s essential to evaluate the performance and potential of each venture within the group periodically.

Identify high-potential ventures, especially those that cater to NZ’s growing sectors like tourism or agriculture, while rectifying underperformers or weeding out redundant ones.

Synergy Identification:

In the collaborative spirit that New Zealanders (Kiwis) are known for, identify areas where ventures can collaborate and benefit from shared strengths, resources, and expertise.

Seek opportunities for cross-promotion and cross-selling among ventures, taking cues from successful NZ collaborations.

Strategic Planning:

Each venture needs its growth strategy, especially considering New Zealand’s distinct market segments, consumer preferences, and regional dynamics.

Ensure that individual venture strategies don’t just operate in isolation but align seamlessly with the group’s overarching growth strategy.

Resource Allocation:

In a country where resources can be abundant and scarce, prudent allocation becomes critical depending on the sector.

With New Zealand’s focus on sustainability, prioritise funding for ventures that showcase high growth potential and resonate with strategic importance locally and globally.

Leadership and Management:

New Zealand’s leadership style is often inclusive and consultative. Appoint leaders who not only understand the industry intricacies but also resonate with Kiwi work ethics and values.

Foster a culture of open communication reminiscent of NZ’s collaborative business culture.

Branding and Marketing:

The Kiwi brand is a powerful one, with themes of innovation, trust, and quality. Develop a strong group brand that reflects these attributes alongside the collective identity of the ventures.

A consistent branding across ventures will ensure better recognition, especially in a tight-knit market like New Zealand.

Customise marketing strategies for each venture, tapping into NZ’s unique audience segments and cultural events.

Innovation and Diversification:

Just as New Zealand businesses have been pioneers in sectors like wine and dairy, encourage ventures to innovate and stay ahead of global market trends.

Seek diversification opportunities within the vibrant sectors of the Kiwi economy, be it agritech, tourism, or clean energy.

Customer Experience:

With Kiwis valuing trust and transparency, prioritise top-notch customer service across all ventures.

Implement a robust feedback system, capitalising on New Zealand’s digital-savvy consumers, to continually refine products, services, and processes.

Technology and Digital Transformation:

Leverage New Zealand’s burgeoning tech scene. Use technology to enhance operations, improve customer experiences, and gain valuable insights.

Tap into the nation’s robust digital marketing ecosystem, exploring e-commerce avenues and online platforms to reach a wider Kiwi audience.

Performance Measurement:

Given NZ’s data-rich business environment, define crystal-clear KPIs for each venture and the group.

Utilise New Zealand’s robust analytics platforms and tools for ongoing performance assessments.

Risk Management:

As global and local challenges arise, especially in a post-pandemic world, identify potential risks that might affect the ventures. New Zealand’s geographical isolation and unique ecosystem can also pose specific challenges.

Develop contingency plans, integrating Kiwi ingenuity and adaptability to navigate such risks.

Networking and Partnerships:

Capitalise on New Zealand’s interconnected business network. Seek partnerships with Kiwi enterprises or international businesses operating in NZ to amplify reach and share resources.

Employee Development:

Kiwis are known for their commitment to continuous learning. Invest in employee development, ensuring they stay abreast with the latest trends and skills, resonating with the NZ work ethos.


In the ever-evolving business landscape of New Zealand, stay flexible. Adapt strategies as market conditions shift, ensuring feedback from local stakeholders is integral to any recalibration.


In Summary:

Growing a group business, especially in a diverse environment like New Zealand, requires a dynamic, ever-evolving strategy. Regularly review your strategies, seek feedback from the Kiwi business community, and remain attuned to both local and global industry trends.


New Zealand, with its unique blend of cultures, landscapes, and opportunities, offers a fertile ground for businesses looking to expand into multiple ventures. The Māori concept of ‘Whanaungatanga’, emphasising the importance of relationships and a sense of family connection, can be integrated into your business ethos. This can cultivate a stronger, more united group of ventures.


Moreover, make the most of the local resources, be it the strong networking opportunities in Auckland’s bustling business hubs or the innovative spirit found in Christchurch’s tech startups. Leverage the nation’s emphasis on sustainability and community to build a brand that resonates with the Kiwi spirit.


Lastly, always remember that while strategies and planning are essential, passion, adaptability, and resilience often define the success of multi-venture businesses in New Zealand. Partner with local entities, learn from the land and its people and let the diverse Kiwi spirit infuse energy into all your ventures.


If you need a tailored approach or guidance on navigating the nuances of the New Zealand market, Jerome from Rise Advisory is always here to lend a helping hand. Reach out to discuss the future of your business and discover ways to buy back time, streamline processes, and harness the full potential of your ventures in the vibrant New Zealand landscape.

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