We have all heard this far too often but it is still the truth – to manage
the next stage of business growth it will take CASH and plenty of it …

Every business needs to grow, target markets change, trends change,
technology changes. No-matter what business you are in it will need to grow to
meet the changing marketplace and this will take CASH.

Cash flow is vital to
manage growth – check out this article from entrepreneur.com

Is Your Money Growing?

To help you determine if your business is CASH strong enough to grow here are 5 key questions to consider:

  • do you have the funds to bring in new levels of talent or invest in your current team to manage your strategic growth.
  • are your systems and processes strong enough to handle the volume of workflow needed to deliver on your promises
  • do you have the proper financial reporting in place to direct informed decisions for the next level of growth
    will lending facilities be prepared to support your growth plans going forward
  • does your current location / size meet the needs for your business’ next level goals or will you need to invest in different premises

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