It is vital to have your A-Team involved and taking ownership of the ideas … Here are some thoughts to get you thinking:
  • Be opportunity minded: is there the potential for government work, insurance work or within sectors that are growing right now, such as medical, health, food production, supply chains, critical manufacturing, IT and telecommunications, delivery services, repair/emergency work
  • Consider your internal risk management: your biggest client ideally wouldn’t be more than 30-40% of your business, what happen if a key team member leaves?
  • A, B or C: determine what are your criteria is for an A- Class customer
  • Now is the time for business development: what innovation, automation, new products, services or accreditations will leap frog your business?
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses: are there areas of your business you could outsource or sub–contract that you not great at giving you more resources to develop on your strengths?
  • Do you know the time value of your customers: calculate your average clients value and number of transactions to see just how valuable it is to keep them

STOP, KEEP and START: Having an outside perspective is vital for genuine strategic thinking as it is often difficult to remove the emotions allowing you to see the true picture. To ensure you have business decisions that are based on good leadership, strong management and a fully engaged team, give Jerome a call today to arrange your personalised strategy review ph 0800 747 323

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