There are times when being human can be a challenge especially when working within a team.
Management need to be aware of when their personal feelings are imposing on their business decisions. Management also need to be aware of when team dynamics are impacted by subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) behaviours of the different personalities within their team and their interactions.

Management need to be aware of different reactions in the public space and reactions that happen ‘behind the scenes’. There are often examples during times of stress where individuals start to read body language, emails and verbal tones where the intent is ‘mis-read’ leading to anxiety and higher levels of stress both personally and within the workplace. This higher level of stress can quickly result in lower levels of production and productivity.
If you want to be an effective managers who know how to read the signs of personality challenges before they escalate into a potentially disruptive situation in your business, contact Jerome for his profile snap shot tool

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