Driving your business forward is all about shifting gear. If you continue to travel in one gear you will struggle with the up hill climb and run the risk of over revving your engine in the down hill slope.

Here are 5 activities that will help you shift gears – and win the race:

1. The Function of Marketing in Your Business – this needs to match the seasonal flow of your target market, every industry has one and you need to know when to put on the gas (or the brakes) – no good looking for supporters after the race you need them before the race starts!

2. The Most Important Asset is Not in the Balance Sheet – the driver of your business and the pit crew must be the right people for the role or your business will not have the support and expertise required to get through the tough times.

3. What You Hate Most Will Help You Win – people who stretch themselves win the race. What do you need to change / learn / improve on to ensure you are striving for that finish line ahead of your competitors.

4. Turn Your Sales People into Winners, Not Whiners – every race team has cheerleaders so ensure your team of sales people are cheering loud and proud for your business.

5. The Result… Laser Focus on “The Next Win” – the aim of the game is to win the race and stay on that podium. But remember there are always new players coming through, so keep focused on the goal and watch your rear view mirror for those trying to catch up.

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