Capability + Intention = Results


Initial Engagement

Being a business owner in a professional service does not mean you are an expert in all aspects of business. I recognised that early on and new that whilst I understood accounting and finance there was a lot a new nothing about such as marketing, strong systems, and time management. I initially engaged Jerome as he offered skills that I did not possess myself and I wanted to ensure I was making balanced business decisions, particularly in the early stages.

Your experience & key business initiatives implemented

• Jerome was highly instrumental in recognise Xero support and administrative assistance services was a critical branch in a full-service accounting firm. A key hire for the firm was someone fluent in Xero.

• Jerome was a key contributor to me implanting clear boundaries regarding which roles are filled by which individuals and ensuring delegation is appropriately used.


• Under business mentorship of Jerome, we went from a 3-employee firm to a 6-employee firm in 12 months.

• The firm ventured into a new service being Xero support which currently makes up circa 10% of total revenue.

• The firm developed and implemented a clear strategy for sourcing new clients resulting in revenue growth of circa 50% in 12 months.