It is sad to say but too many businesses are losing opportunities to grow due to their lack of the right KPI measures. So often I have conversations with business owners/leaders who can easily tell me the common KPI numbers (what leads they are wanting / sales they expect with a rough idea on what margin they need) but very few are able to clearly say how they would measure the accountability for those results.

Effective accountability comes down to the right allocation of resources – time / money / skills / materials. So often I see business owners delegating and instructing their team to strive for lead generations, sales conversion etc without assessing the accountability and return on that individual or groups effort.

My clients understand It is vital to identify and implement the right KPI’s in their business. Here are three KPI golden nuggets I recommend so you too can start measuring your business accountability…

  1. KPI’s that drive peoples performance (individual or group) by having a measure that reports on their return for effort based on skill set
  2. KPI’s that keep meetings running effectively by having a measure that reports on the efficiency of time usage
  3. KPI’s that focuses on business execution by having a measure that reports on the effective use of resources

Contact Jerome and he will help you to clarify your KPI golden nuggets and review critical business tools that will help you develop accountability for long term profit and business growth – 0800 747 323.

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