Recently I met with a potential client who was concerned about an attitude of entitlement his staff were displaying. His staff expected him to be ok when they came to work a little late, take extended lunch breaks and smoko breaks every couple of hours.

When he raised his concerns with the staff they said they worked hard and they were entitled to a bit of flexi time. Trouble was the business owner didn’t feel they were working hard and this ‘flexi time’ was actually lost productivity time.

Where in your business is this entitlement attitude happening. Are your staff making use of business equipment / vehicles for personal use. Are they using workplace resources / stationery for personal use. Are they doing personal web surfing / phone calls during business time. Are they using leave for an alternative purpose. This happens in every business – the challenge is how you deal with it.

Let us make it easy for you … If you want to be a business owner who can effectively manage this entitlement attitude before it escalates into a potentially disruptive situation in your business contact Jerome today. Ph 0800 747 323.

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