Reflection is part of life but it is important to have that clear vision to be able to compare with the reality for reflection to actually be valuable

With this in mind is this what you want to see in December 2020?


  • I spent more time working and less time with my family
  • My debt level has increased
  • My relationship at home has become strained
  • I am frustrated and stressed over little things
  • The machinery is always breaking down because I can’t keep up the maintenance
  • Employees are hard to keep and the cost of recruitment has grown
  • Customer service levels have dropped and some big contracts have not renewed
  • Productivity has decreased but the costs have increased
  • Our products and services are being replicated by our competitors

Is this what you really want to see? What about this as an alternative ..

  • I have holidays and fun times with my family confident the business can work without me
  • My savings have increased through profit and good money management
  • My relationship has never been stronger both at home and with work colleagues
  • I have confidence in my employees to make the right decision for the business
  • Innovation, opportunities and profits are growing with my investment in technology
  • Team member have grown in the roles and enjoyed contributing new ideas
  • Customer service levels have improved through quality feedback
  • Productivity has improved because of the business culture and clear communication
  • New areas of products and services have been introduced to meet my A class client needs

To get the outcome you want you need to consider what changes you need to make. Contact Jerome today to get a reality business review that can set you up for a fantastic Dec 2020 – remember life is short and people matter so contact Jerome today 0800 747 323

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