The treadmill of life happens to us and around us – so how do we get off it and live a life of purpose? The first thing to do is go back to your values to identify what truly matters – is it money? Having expensive things? Spending time with your family? Or something else?

The second thing to do is based on your values identify what are your non-negotiables in your business – is it market share? Reputation? Profits? Being a great place to work? Or something else?

Then you need to learn how to say NO and identify the important aspects of business you need to work on that often get hidden by the urgent tasks.

Once you can do this you will know what you can do really well to make an impact on your business for the long term rather than trudging away on the daily treadmill.

So, move out of frustration and into your flow, consider the quality of your time and remember to stay on track by always measuring against your values to keep you true to your goals.

We can make it easier … It’s not too late to get off that treadmill for 2019 but if you would like some help, we have a checklist to help evaluate each step of the way to take your business to the next level of growth and profit.

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