We all know the principle of the snowball – it starts out small at the top of the hill, as it makes it’s way down the hill it gains speed and size pushing everything out of its way and nothing can stop it once it reaches critical mass.

In business we want to generate ideas along this same principle – they start out small then gain energy and momentum as more people buy into it until the idea becomes a force to be reckoned with because it is based on integrity and positive potential for change!!

It would also be wonderful if our income followed this same principle – every dollar working harder generating more dollars.

Nothing is free in life so Invest your energy into the right ideas with the right amount of finance and your business will snowball to provide an income stream that gives a greater return as it gains momentum using less of your energy to maintain it.

Getting your business to snowball takes skill, if you want to be able to do this faster and more efficiently contact Jerome today for his tips on using the ski ramp for greater trajectory!! Phone 0800 747 323.

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