Stability of your current business needs -opportunities that have changed, alliances that are no longer available. Networks that have turned to focus on their own needs and no longer have you as top of mind. Marketing activities that don’t connect and speak to your current target markets.

How do you shift gears when there is no fuel in the tank, where does the cash come from to try new ideas and how do you get your team to support these ideas.

Strategy and actions on future outcomes that are not happening. Business development is not only in automation, it’s about new products/services/clients and driving the lifetime value from the acquisition cost from consistent sales/conversion.

Growth, the other side of the coin, not having the resources of people/process/plant and cash to make the wheel turn fast enough to capitalise on the opportunities. Knowing how to maximise the value of one’s capability with the current team (if they have what it takes to make it happen), how to attract the talent or change your business model to be a higher profitable enterprise.

I recently had a construction client say, “I am turning 50% of my business into doing my own developments”. That’s strategic. The game has changed and the formula is not complicated – it’s the planning for success that matters around knowing your numbers and industry. Another strategy could be shifting to a syndicate model to share the load/finance and making sure everyone wins – depending if sharing profits is part of your DNA.

Whatever your situation, Rise is registered with the Regional Business Partner Network to provide a service for business continuity support – 100% COVID 19 impact can be funded upto $5000. Simply make one call or send an email to Jerome who will help you navigate the process.

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