Using videos for recruitment can help your business in more ways than one. For instance, you can reach more candidates by attracting their attention and even present your brand in a compelling and interesting manner to the general public.

When writing or creating a video for recruitment, remember to put yourself in the candidates’ shoes before going ahead. Of course, it isn’t that easy to think like a candidate and how they would want to be approached. So, here are some hints & tips I have compiled that can benefit you.



Do people get a clear sense of certainty when communicating with your organisation, business or company? For example, your time in the industry, years in the business and types of clients, customers and alliances you deal with.

Consider how you’re representing your organisation to your future team and then, quantify with facts that are encouraging. Throwing out random facts that don’t relate to how you want potential candidates to see your brand isn’t going to do you any good. Instead use facts and statistics that are accurate, honest, and attractive to your future team. This will help compel them to join forces with you.



Are you sharing the range of services and products that allow your business to show its value in the marketplace? More so, does it give the future team member the chance to see how they can make an impact? Is there any room for learning, growth, and improvement?

This is important among candidates because they would want to join a company that can enhance their skills in the process of transforming them into the best versions of themselves in the workforce.



Do you, as a leader, provide a way that demonstrates a team member’s significance in your organisation, perhaps by way of recognition? How do they respond? The response after receiving recognition varies from person to person.

You could go into detail about a story that has positively impacted your team experience, whether or not it came from a negative event. These types of stories are essential in building a sense of significance among your team members. Its proper handling allows them to feel integral in their roles in your company, thereby making them feel like essential assets the company needs.



What proves that your organisation finds ways to be connected and actually be like a team?

You might want to look back on your culture in the office and assess whether it’s aligned with your organisation’s core values or not. Another good way to connect with your team is by playing games and engaging in team building activities that can strengthen your bond as a team.

Inserting clips of these events into your recruitment videos can help your candidates see you in a better light.

For more thoughts and tips on this, check out



Gone are the days when people came to work and felt undervalued. They now come to work to speak their minds and add value to the company’s vision. So, how exactly does a company allow a team to be involved with strategy and critical thinking while making it fun? Transparency is a good start. Once it’s in play and the rules are set on how to participate, you can find ways on how to improve your team and consequently, your brand as a whole. You can add a compelling story to your video recruitment that people can relate to. They’ll absolutely love it!



Does everyone that has a role in the business have a clear career path that allows them to look back after 3, 6, and 12 months and recognise their improvement in skills and behaviours? These pivotal moments in a persons career can make one realise their growth over the time spent in your company. They may notice their transformation, and ultimately, how they took part in positively impacting your business results.

Another thing to remember is to write these areas in a way that speaks to your future team. That being said, avoid using “we” unless it is in the context of “together, we can…” since you want to focus on them. It is essential that you want to find out their plans and intentions for wanting to join your business. Although radical and admittedly scary, you might want to ask them to interview you instead, for the position. Take note that leadership is about allowing your team to set up and allowing them to grow.

These are just some tips that can help you get started on writing and creating your own recruitment video. If you need more tips on why connection in the workplace matters, check out


Ultimately, creating a more connected workplace doesn’t mean making people feel like one big happy family. Real connection is about relating to someone’s perspective and ideas. Use this to your advantage and recruit from the best of the best. Make your brand grow – the right way.

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