How many Hats have you managed “well” in 2020 as a business owner?


Thinking 2021, what does your business need from you most and why? Remember,
having controls in place always provides significant value for business growth
and success.


Do consider these 2 aspects at play:

  • BAU (Business as Usual), keeping the current status quo with your products & services with high standards of delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Business Development, innovation and how your team implements the vison around the ever evolving business strategy.

So, let’s look at these current Hats in play and think who does what when well – honestly,

  • Shareholder
  • Managing Director
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations/H&S
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Admin/IT/Customer Service
  • Legal/Accounting/Coaching/Advice – Support Crew

Let’s review these Hats with regards to how you and your team are delivering your business objectives and how well are they being measured, our role is to help decision makers get in control their business growth and success by implementing this proven framework aligned with the overall business strategy.


Let us make this easy for you …

If you want to have an honest conversation about your business, let’s schedule strategy session in early January.

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