We would all love to be able to do everything in our business – then we would know it was done and surely we can do it cheaper ourselves! Sorry to burst your bubble but there are times when it is actually better to outsource services to others – they will do it better than you and are likely to do it quicker therefore saving you time and money.

In every area of business there are people who specialize in it because that is what they are great at – what areas are you spending time and money struggling with that someone with specific experience could do more efficiently?

1. Marketing – do you create your flyers in MS then print them from your home printer or would having a marketing company produce them provide that WOW factor setting you apart from your competitors

2. Sales – is your admin making cold calls but does not know how to get past the gatekeeper whereas if you engaged a telemarketing company your conversion rate would be higher with better qualified leads

3. Operations – are you having to stop work to answer your phone all day long distracting you from doing what you are good at. Have you considered the services of a virtual assistant to manage those calls and send you messages that you can get back to when you have the time

 4. Financials – do you spend hours looking at your numbers and trying to make sense of what you see rather than engaging a book-keeper who could manage the day to day data and provide you with weekly management reports that you can make informed decisions from

A savvy business owner will know the difference between time invested and time spent doing tasks that are within their or their teams scope of expertise. Contact Jerome for an assessment of your ‘spending’ and he will show you ways that make sense but will save you dollars!

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