Companies that have a Future Vision tend to dominate their industry and out perform their peers. These companies also have the ability to attract A Grade Player’s that drive business strategy through natural accountability and company results.

If you want to ensure your future vision is a real view of our future ask yourself the following key questions …

  1. Do I have a strategic business plan that has been updated in the last 90 days? 
  2. Do my team members have clearly documented accountabilities so they know exactly what is expected in their roles?
  3. Does my marketing strategy focus on a clearly defined target market customer – whose needs are regularly researched?
  4. Do I measure the activity, effectiveness and profitability of my salespeople?
  5. Is my business packaged and strategically positioned, so that if I had to sell my business tomorrow I would receive maximum value?

These are a few of the questions that we work through in our 2 hour complementary Real View Analysis … contact Jerome to book your session today 0800 747 323

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