In today’s modern age communication is easy to do with emails, texting, smart phones etc however it is not being done very well. In fact the busyness of our lives has made the quality of our communication a challenge even though we have multiple options with all of this advanced technology.

We are suffering from time poor situations and the absolute ease at which we can now communicate across the world in real time, this has even lead to a new language being developed – text language – which draws upon this time poor environment and plays into the lowering of quality communication.

However this is just one side of the equation, how many times have you found yourself not responding as effectively as you once did or the timeliness of your response slipping away. Does this call for some significant changes in order to restore the value of great communication?

Here are some classic situations where people are using ineffective methods to communicate…

  1. Delivering bad news by email or text
  2. Avoiding difficult conversations by not responding to messages
  3. Reacting, not responding by firing off that heated email without taking time to compose a response
  4. Using a “One-Size-Fits-All” approach to communication assuming everyone carries their smart phone attached to their hand and will stop what they are doing just to answer your message

If you find yourself more often than not in these types of situations then perhaps it is time to ask yourself some hard questions on how you can improve your ability to communicate.

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