We can plan what we are going to do tomorrow in our business, we can plan what we will do next year but we also need to plan for the unexpected of today. It is vital to establish a safety net around the key areas of our business or all of our future planning will be for nothing!!

Staff – what would you do if your key person was injured or decided to leave your company? Would others in your company know how to do that persons job? Are their key tasks documented in an operations manual so that knowledge does not walk out the door with them?

Money – what would you do if you received a bill that needed prompt payment because you were not aware of the payment terms or it was an emergency order? Do you have cash reserves? Do you have cashflow forecasting and budgets in place so you know exactly where and when your money is coming and going?

Technology – what would you do if your computer was infected and you lost all of your accounting / business data? Do you have a regular backup system in place? Do you have upto date security / anti virus protection installed on all machines?

Market shift – what would you do if a new competitor came into the market and threatened to take your market share? Do you have a unique point of difference? Do you have strong relationships with your customers and suppliers that has established their loyalty?

Let us make it easy for you

We don’t know what we don’t know until we know we don’t know it, so create your safety net today so you do know what to do when you need to!!

Contact Jerome and he will help you to develop your safety net and review critical business areas that will help you develop safe practices for long term profit and business growth – 0800 747 323.


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