Most companies we meet with have a strategic plan that goes forward 2-3 years based on what they are currently doing and what they intend to do better. We get a lot of blank faces when we ask if they have considered incorporating plans for what you could do INSTEAD OF or AS WELL AS?

Strategic planning is a powerful tool in any business especially when it is based on lateral thinking, true analysis of the marketplace and in-depth knowledge of your competitors

Here is a process you may find useful as you develop your long term strategic plan …

1. Identify your strategic priorities for development of a more profitable business
2. Identify future capabilities that may be required by those priorities
3. Identify your existing capabilities
4. Identify where the gaps are between what you have now and what you will need

Here is the real money step:

5. What plans will be needed to fill the gaps?
You need to consider human, financial, technical and operational including:

  • Of your current people who do you need to develop or create a plan to develop them 
  • Do you need to recruit people now and develop/plan to develop them before taking the business in a new direction
  • Do you need to budget and plan for the recruitment of people as the plan unfolds and the business grows

For help identifying the gaps in your strategic planning contact Jerome today 0800 747 323 and he will show you ways that make sense but will save you dollars!

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