Three Director & Four Shareholder Company


From conception of the big idea, the business/software now has shift from small entities to an enterprise model that delivers value to stakeholders’ long term.

Initial Engagement

We initially engaged Jerome Jacobs to work with the company directors on strategy and business development. However, we soon realized there was much more value to his engagement at our meetings.

Our time together, your experience & key business initiatives implemented

Key to Jerome’s input was the focus to ensure clarity across the business. His insights supported the directors in creating a robust strategy and a powerful strategic implementation plan. He was able to ask the hard questions when they needed to be asked, and challenged the thinking when it needed to be challenged.


Working with Jerome has helped the business become the well oiled machine it now is. The implementation of clear roles and measuring what matters are just two things that have enabled the company to make significant leaps forward in productivity, revenue and market position. His regular meetings are an important and valued part of business operations for the leadership team. We look forward to continuing to work with him over the coming years.