The Keys to Success

Horst Schosser

Initial Engagement

Reasons, reviewing ownership model (partnership), what the overall business strategy is for short and long growth, support the controls that impact people/process to deliver business growth. Understand your business goals that’s driven from your personal objectives.

Our time together, your experience & key business initiatives implemented

Getting clear on the Managing Director role, how this role drives the plans for implementing stability for the brand/target market that impacts margin sales, operations (efficiency through process and improving the KPI’s that driven from accurate data). Support in the HR function through the process of recruitment and selection to build on the team employee/contractor model. Build on the admin function to free up the MD
to focus on the business growth. Feedback on the Innovation (business development) while the MD maintains stability in the day-to-day operations. Introduction to a bookkeeper, that introduced an accountant that’s been strong on management accounting. This was driven from whiteboard sessions for visual strategy sessions (key objectives/action outcomes), also using frameworks and tools from Jerome’s toolkit. I do feel, which I think is important, how Jerome stepped me through the business planning, has allowed me to reuse and implement this effective strategy on other business ventures with financial certainty.


• Commercial Growth
• Clear Roles in the Management team – Targets/Outcomes and Improvements
• Improve workflow and measuring productivity and efficiency.
• Growth into bigger premises
• Business owner mindset that driven for an investment that drive profitability
• Dashboards that allow for improvements daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly
• Nationwide growth