Innovating Tomorrow, Today


When I bought into the business, I always knew I wanted a business advisor. Someone who would speak and advise from outside of the business. When I meet Jerome, I knew straight away that he would offer this and much more. His genuineness, values, integrity, and relational approach are what drew me to work with him over others.

Jerome has taken the time to understand who I am, what my values are and the vision I have for the business. He uses this information to help guide me towards the vision. He truly understands my business, as well as how I operate. He knows that I work well with numbers and wherever possible he will help me to a break down a problem this way.

During the COVID lockdown he went above and beyond what was required of him. To check in on me and my business, he helped me to lead well in an ever-changing environment. This enabled me to keep focused on the bigger picture whilst navigating an extremely challenging time.

Jerome has helped me focus on what is important and not sweat the small stuff.

When problems arise, Jerome helps me to break it down into bite size pieces that are more manageable. With Jerome’s help we have implemented many new processes to increase our efficiency, including new CRM and data management systems. We have also recently undertaken a complete rebrand of the company and Jerome has been instrumental in helping us to see what is on the horizon. Since working with Jerome, we have doubled our profits and have a strong forward workload with lots of opportunity to continue this growth.

Jerome is the real deal he truly cares about you and your business. He takes the time and effort to get to know you and your business and I am extremely grateful for not only his advice but his friendship. I highly recommend Jerome and his services.

Joe Fletcher B.Surv, MNZIS, LCS
Director / Licensed Cadastral Surveyor
Horizon Surveyors & Land Development Ltd