Controls that Allow for Profits & Growth

Sean Gibbons

I have been in business for a while, learned & operate out of best business practices. Yet, I do believe that having good people around that genuinely care about your business and success with skills that can complement and challenge the way forward is valuable.

This is where Jerome comes in, his understanding of clarifying a future vision right down to quarterly actions plans that deliver real value has earned my respect. In business the saying goes, you do not have to look busy to prove that you are running a business – being productive in doing the right strategies/activities that will add long term value in business is vital.

I am a straight shooter – so, it is important to have a business advisor on my team that understands and can support the speed I work through things. When you have a clear focus on who your clients are and invest in the right tools (equipment – software), coupled up with the ability to effect task delegation, remarkable outcomes can result.

Partnering with Jerome has allowed us to completely review and structure our business for growth and with solid controls in place to go to the next level of management, while driving the budgeting function for profit to maintain and grow shareholder equity, since we all know that growth takes cash.

I would recommend owner managers that are wanting to shift gears and want become business owners in the true sense, to get in touch and you will not look back.