Consistently Evolving Through Quality Workmanship

Andrew Howell

Being steady with confidence in knowing your numbers and the type of work your want has been the success with partner with Andrew, developing solid process and team that deliver on client expectations has been the proven formula and them aligning with key business relationship that allows for a win/win for the client results has been totally beneficial to all parties. Jerome has and is a part of the team and helps with the direction and outcomes to my business success.

Initial Engagement

Having used a business advisor/coach previously I was very open to meeting Jerome to find out what he was about. After our initial consultation I knew from the beginning that having Jerome be a part of my team would be a valuable  asset. The way he was able to spell things out and show me ways I could improve not only on my business but in my business made me feel very comfortable in what I was getting into.


Having worked with Jerome for some time now it’s fair to say that without him my business would be in a much different place. As a tradie we are great with our hands however from a business point we certainly can miss out a few things.

Jerome has been instrumental in implementing many strategies from employment interview techniques, contracts, health/safety, business software(xero), branding, time management, budgeting, team building. In fact, if there is anything I’m a little unsure about he will go out of his way to make sure I’m informed and able to carry on to the best of my ability.

We are now at the point in my business where I’m confident enough to start to look at growing so that I can take pressure off myself and be able to work on my business rather than in my business which for the first time in a long time is a massive win for me.


As someone who has suffered dramatically with mental health, Jerome has been instrumental in persevering with me over the last few years while I tried desperately to control that side of my life while running a business. It’s fair to say it hasn’t been easy for either of us during this time and I can’t thank him enough for standing beside me not only as an advisor but also a friend which means a lot. Having come out the other side of a couple of major breakdowns having Jerome by my side has helped ease the pressure by taking a bit of the load off. Sometimes it’s the simple little things that matter most and that’s something he is great at.

Although I had a good business before I met Jerome, I now have a business that can run on it’s own most of the time without me having to worry which for someone like me is massive.

Although I haven’t grown my team by a huge
amount just yet, many other things have grown. Like profit margins, customer base, online/offline visibility and most importantly myself. I’ve grown a huge amount and that’s a lot to do with who Jerome is as a person always willing
to go the extra mile without being asked.