Business Purchase, ROI & Then Scale

Felicity Petzer

Business Turnaround, from margin control, sales function and incentives to branding improvement to software match while driving profits and cash flow up. Business Ownership is key motivation with building a strong management team. Now building a team that delivers on clients’ expectations and meeting compliance standards is vital to overall growth strategy.

As a new business owner, I knew what I wanted to achieve long term from a strategy perspective but needed guidance on how to navigate my way through the many changes that would need to be made to realize the business full potential. Jerome was recommended to me and after meeting him I was really impressed with his energy and knowledge.

Over the last 2 years we have reviewed and refined most aspects of the business. Jerome has been instrumental in helping me, he has excellent tools and templates available which have enabled me to achieve these changes. Starting with a brand refresh, extending our fleet of vans from 2 to 7, engaging our workforce with our strategy and vision, overhauling our Health and Safety Processes, changing our operational structure to better support our customer requirements, and beginning our journey into a job management system and automating administration where it makes sense to do so.

However, the most valuable aspect of this relationship is that as an owner operator is having an independent voice that understands how my business operates to be able to discuss both successes and challenges with Jerome is worth its weight on gold.