Building a Fresh Brand to Meet The Next Level Market Value


Husband and wife team that are motivated by quality and then growth – driven by personal & business goals that’s built on a solid foundation of people & processes.

Initial Engagement

We initially engaged Jerome to support us as we had a start-up building company and we needed guidance and support on how best to run our company and how to streamline processes and procedures. From the initial meeting it was
very clear there were some small and some large changes we needed to make to ensure the success of our business and to create a work/life balance for us and to ensure we had quality time with our young and growing family.

Your experience & key business initiatives implemented

Straight away Jerome added value to our business with his knowledge of the industry we are in and his contacts within the community. Over the last 3 years we have worked with Jerome he has supported us with working out where we want our business to be short and long term and really ensure each decision we make is in line with our current and future goals.


• We have gone through a full brand transformation to ensure our logo and marketing material reflects how we want to be seen in the market.
• We have started utilising current software to its full potential and have implemented additional software that increases our productivity.
• We now have specialists in our corner to support us with running our business, these are all contacts of Jerome’s and have added so much value and guidance into our business.
• We are in a ever changing fast paced industry and my husband and I have gained so much more confidence as business owners since working with Jerome.