Get the edge over your competition.

Many business owners are looking for the edge to attract the right people, this is besides the fact we have significant shortages of qualified/capable people in the NZ work force – Stat’s of unemployment are down and there’s more work to shake a stick at…

So, what makes a company attractive?

Benefits are one factor that seems to be in play for business owners that truly knows the cost of retaining and wanting to play the long game. However, many business owners are stuck when it comes to increasing benefits due to the rising employment &product costs that are truly minimising gross profit. Not to mention it can be challenging to increase the quote/sales value.

So, what kind of benefits are we talking about?

– Incentives for achieving targets/efficiencies/no rework

– Finding extra work

– Hours (flexibility) depends on your industry


Then there’s the Culture; while business owners are finding ways to add value to people’s (team) lives in unique ways such as:

– Events

– Social clubs

– Sponsorship (individual)


Also, engagement levels allow for other areas that are based on good HR habits such as:

– Goal setting with individuals

– Career advancement

– Feedback

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