The Consumer Law Reform Bill represents the biggest reform of consumer law in New Zealand in the last twenty years. All businesses need to review their current terms of trade to ensure they comply with the amended legislation or face fines of up to $10 million with prison time coming as a maximum penalty.

Your business is no longer protected by fine print or catch-all provisions we have all been used to. Contracts and terms and conditions of trade must now be transparent if you are going to rely on them when dealing with your customers. Your terms and conditions must be easy to read and understand and the key points set out clearly. This requires a re-write in plain and simple English – without the intimidating traditional legalese.

Consumer Guarantees Act

Did you know this now includes business to business transactions. Most business and customers we work with are ethical and willing to work together for long term relationships. However there are those few that see things differently so it is vital your business is protected for long term growth.

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